1By4Car believes that everyone should have access to affordable transport, and that being on the road can still be cheap, green and fun. By sharing a ride, people save gas and money, reduce auto emissions and meet new friends. Pollution, traffic, parking and road maintenance are reduced. People can share experiences and help each other: everyone will be benefited! We want to make carpooling easy, safe and accessible to all. In just a few seconds, drivers can offer empty seats and passengers can book a ride to their destination. People can check user profiles and choose who they want to ride with, how much space and comfort they need, where they want to meet and what they are willing to pay



A medical care system revamp product. Which has potential to change the face medical industry.This web application delas with the latest medicines,and also tried to bring the medical and the patient close so that each patient gets the best possible treatmnent without any effort.It also has a medical device related that is on the process of building that can record all the vital signs from a patients body and store it in our database for future use.The doctors can see the patients details from anywhere in the world just by logging into his account.And even the doctors can keep well track of the patients through this web application.


The Times Of Mobile

A mobile new integrator service, which with help of ad and personalized news build up , can act as complete news services on the run. So that you can get your personalized and favorite news on the run.



A mobile which can help you track kids, with features of alarm when kids go out of their usual routine. Taking photo graphs/ Audios / videos at regular interval with location. A feature you can call and pick up the phone from kids side. Hence making your kid always safe and accessible.



Here you can track any person. Can be used to track sales person, vehicles, spouses, girl friend / boy friend on demand / at regular interval with photo/audio/ video anytime / any where. Whatever be the outcome, you would never be in doubt :). This android application can never be switched off anytime as long as the battery is charged. Even if the handset is switched off, the handset gets switched on automatically and continues to do the tracking. This application has a server side to check all the images captured by this application through the cam of the handset. The mode of the cam,the time interval of capturing the images can also be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world.


Mobile On PC

Pained when your mobile is getting charged, you have to run every time to pick it up from laptop. See the screen from the ease of laptop and use with ease of big screen and key board. Life would be much easier when in office and home.



Connect your friends friend with ease on the run on all the available networks. And the next step is a combination of online flirting with people in a certain range. Wouldn't that be fun when sending a set of flowers or a gift to someone you see and like , when you are sitting in a coffee shop or in the pub?


Innovative Customer Survey

A great app to take reviews which involves intercepting the customers, screening them for appropriateness. Any survey you create consisting of survey questions in your server, can be viewed from your handset (android obviously) and make full use of its features. You have the option to get more authentic surveys with location and photogrpah also. The features are innumerable, use it and make your business a great success.


Talking Photograph

Talking photograph, the name represents its excellent feature. You can take picture & record the voice for your precious picture, at a time. It will save in photo gallery as well as in the database, so that you can see the photographs with voice & can search it date wise. One additional feature that is last but not the least, you can add Title of the picture also as a text.



AugmentedMap is a mobile augmented reality app. It’s a fast and easy way to discover your world. Where is the nearest Atm, Bank, Bar, Beauty Saloon, Gym, Police station, Cafe, Restaurant, Hotel, Worship Place, Hospital, Movie Theater, Museum, Shopping ,Lodging, Taxi stand, Bus Stand? User can get the proper address of the requirement with map location. This app will make your search become easy when you have a busy schedule.



This application is basically used for generating QR codes from any of the inputs like (voice/image/text).Just take a pic/record a sound/write a text and convert it to QR in a matter of second. So why waiting download this cool app and become a Quickly QR member. Take any photo/record a sound/write a text and convert it to Qr within a fraction of second. After generating Qr user can print the Qr through Cloud Print Either User can use Classic Printer and Cloud-Ready Printer. In case of Classic Printer user has to add the printer in google chrome. Text/Voice/Image Just scan the QR that got generated from the inputs. Scan it by clicking on the scan option and get the original image/hear the original sound or the original text.

News and Events

Kid Mobile:
Kid Mobile app is an android app. This app enables user to capture image with location from the device and send it to the Server automatically. User can see captured images from anywhere of the world by logging in his/her account. This app provides you the facility to add contact with name, phone no and image in your handset (mobile) as well as server also. This app provides backup of app contacts. It shows all the contact images in the form of a gallery on the main screen. When user clicks on those images, automatically it starts calling the corresponding contact. It also gives you the option to auto answer without touching the phone.

Angry Alert:
In this android app, whenever user set an alarm the information of alarm will be saved into database of server and service in application will continuously check for alarm time and before 10 mins of alarm it will send a push notification to all other users those are friend with user about alarm time and some alarm details.Friend of user can set alerts for particular alarm by the way of recording or uploading a file.User can access his alarms from any phone by login to application in that phone.If there is any network problem the alert tone will be played by default.User can send app request to his friends in Facebook.

This application use the Api's Facebook, G talk, LinkedIn. Main purpose of this application to send request to the other users those are using the application by finding the users with the help of GPS locations.User can also controls visibility so that other user can access its location according to the settings.

Main purpose of this application is to capture the images and send to the server.User can control his phone from the setting page of server.He can change the property of image capturing like photomode and image capturing time.This application has ability to restart itself if it stops by some reason and it will automatically start by itself.It will automatically update and apply changes without any user interaction.

The Times Of Mobile:
The Times of Mobile is an application that provides news of every category like Business, Sports, Science, Technology, Lifestyle, Fashion, Entertainment, Cricket update.This application also provides video links for the corresponding news. This application will give you all the live score updates from IPL cricket tournament and other various tournaments around the world.